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Issue 49 - March 2017

Welcome to the March 2017 edition of the Greater Nottingham Landlords' Electronic Newsletter.


  1. Selective Licensing in Notts - Have your Say
  2. Broxtowe Borough FREE Mediation Service

Selective Licensing in Notts - have your say

A new licensing scheme for landlords is being proposed by Nottingham City Council (NCC) which aims to improve standards in privately rented homes

The scheme was approved in principle by the Executive Board on the 22 November 2016 and the Council have now entered into a consultation period with tenants, residents, landlords and other interested parties which will last until 31st March 2017.

The proposed 'Selective Licensing' scheme would require private landlords to obtain a licence demonstrating that they and their properties meet the required standards.

The licence fee being proposed is £600 per property with a discount of £140 for DASH accredited landlords.

It is worth noting, for clarity, that the majority of privately rented properties in the city would be covered by this scheme regardless of size or make up and not just HMOs as was previously the case.

Depending on the outcome of this consultation and the required consideration by the Secretary of State, this scheme could be introduced from Spring 2018.

NCC are welcoming views from landlords, tenants, letting agents, businesses and residents in the City and surrounding area as well as anyone else who has an interest in the proposed scheme.

Have your Say:

You can have your say on the consultation by completing a simple online questionnaire

Alternatively you can contact the council by phone on 0115 876 2312

Now would be a great time to become accreidted with the 'Nottingham Standard' if you have not already done so - for more information and to join for FREE visit:

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Broxtowe Borough FREE Mediation Service

When the costs of possession action could average between £1,000 - £5,000

Can you, as a landlord, afford not to try Mediation?

Mediation can work to resolve problems between 'Landlord and Tenant' and also between your 'Tenants and their Neighbours'.

Broxtowe Borough Mediation Service is an established provider of Community Mediation within the borough of Broxtowe.

Our aims are to:

We offer an IMPARTIAL, INDEPENDENT AND CONFIDENTIAL mediation service in and around the East Midlands.

Common issues that we deal with involve noise, loud music, parking, boundary disputes and different lifestyles.

Mediation is a quick and cost effective way of resolving disputes that enables those involved to have a say in the outcome.

For cases within Broxtowe access to this service is FREE and for each referral outside the Borough of Broxtowe, the charge is £500 plus VAT and expenses per community mediation case.

To make a referral visit

For more information follow this link:

Please take a look at our website,

Or alternatively email us at

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